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Parking Structure Builders Inc. brings together design and construction professionals with builders and project owners in a collaborative environment where a free flow of knowledge and ideas exists, resulting in the most efficient design and the highest quality product. The PSBI design-build process will create more parking in less space. Some of the benefits to the design-build process include:

  • Efficient and buildable design
  • Additional control of project schedule and cost
  • Improved coordination between design and construction
  • Enhanced team cooperation throughout the project

The result is a reduction in cost, improved quality, and a successful project completed on time.

PSBI employs innovative solutions, including long span post tension structures and customized forming systems. This reduces the number of columns and beams necessary for your project, meaning a more efficient project.  It also means a better experience in the parking field with improved lighting efficiency, sight lines and options for signage.

From pre-construction and planning to closeout, every stage of our process fuses teamwork, communication and specific experience to realize your vision.


The PSBI team of engineers and architects constantly improve the means and methods of all construction trades which ultimately provides time savings and cost efficiency.