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Automobile Dealerships are on are an important segment for the design, consultation and building services of PSBI. Here efficient parking design and economic usage of space have to be combined with the ability also to use the parking structure as a showcase for customers.

Access to inventory - having the right car for the right customer is critical to an automobile dealership’s success. A properly designed and built parking facility from PSBI lets dealerships store their automobile inventory efficiently and accessibly.

Dealership Projects:  

Mercedes Benz Pleasanton
  Pleasanton, CA
  275,784 sf, 574 stalls

Lexus of Woodland Hills
  Woodland Hills, CA
  135,328 sf, 309 stalls

Penske Mercedes
  West Covina, CA
  229,296 sf, 583 stalls

Allen Hyundai
  Laguna Niguel, CA
  40,800 sf, 65 stalls

Keyes Lexus
  Van Nuys, CA
  204,000 sf, 583 stalls

Frontier Toyota
  Valencia, CA
  260,000 sf, 1,000 stalls

Keyes Acura
  Van Nuys, CA
  86,500 sf, 290 stalls

Downtown Chrysler
  Los Angeles, CA
  71,000 sf, 350 stalls


has more than 25 years of experience in bringing innovation to parking structure and building shell construction.

We deliver environmentally sound, functional solutions with an emphasis on sustainability and efficient parking management.