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PSBI's design build process has proven affective time and time again with public authorites. All aspects of modern parking have to be covered, in order to deliver environmentally sound and economically efficient parking structures.

Access on a budget - municipalities of all levels need to showcase parking facilities that proudly represent their communities, but are economical, safe and secure. PSBI’s parking structures provide just that with a multitude of aesthetic options to fit any style with long spans to allow for open, well-lit safe spaces.

Government Projects:  

City of Alhambra
  No. First Street Parking (Mosaic)
  102,120 sf, 290 stalls

VA Mather Parking
  90,462 sf, 277 stalls

Chappo Camp Pendleton Parking
  61, 581 sf, 277 stalls

Compton City Garage
  172,000 sf, 487 stalls

Orange Street Garage
  Glendale, CA
  230,000 sf, 625 stalls

Maryland Block 30
  Glendale, CA
  330,000 sf, 1125 stalls

Redondo Beach Library
  Redondo Beach, CA
  125,000 sf, 550 stalls

City Hall Addition
  Redondo Beach, CA
  5,000 sf

Maryland Street Beautification
  Glendale, CA


has more than 25 years of experience in bringing innovation to parking structure and building shell construction.

We deliver environmentally sound, functional solutions with an emphasis on sustainability and efficient parking management.