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Maximizing the capacity of existing parking facilities - shopping centers of all sizes and types need the perfect balance of ease of passage and maximized capacity. PSBI’s parking structures fit the bill by enabling easy-in, easy-out access while maximizing the space available.

PSBI follows all state of the art industry requirements for user-friendly parking construction. We develop solutions that will increase capacity and improve traffic circulation.

Retail Center Projects:  

Deluxe Parking Structure
  1358 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  410 stalls 135,00 sq ft

Oakridge Mall
  Oakridge, CA
  450,000 sf, 2,000 stalls

The Shops at South Lake
  Pasadena, CA
  95,000 sf, 293 stalls

Great Mall of the Bay
  Milpitas, CA
  303,000 sf, 1,030 stalls

Midtown Crossing
  Los Angeles, CA
  123,120 sf, 1,500 stalls

Marketplace at Glendora
  Glendora, CA
  202,686 sf, 670 stalls


has more than 25 years of experience in bringing innovation to parking structure and building shell construction.

We deliver environmentally sound, functional solutions with an emphasis on sustainability and efficient parking management.