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Yvette Soudani

Yvette Soudani, P.E., Principal and Project Executive, has over 30 years’ experience in the management of institutional, commercial and residential development of properties with extensive expertise in the planning, design and construction phases of work. Her technical background and public works experience augment her ability to manage any type of project on time and within budget.

As Principal/Project Executive and President of Parking Structure Builders, Inc., she actively applies her expertise at all levels of contract and project management.


Amer Soudani

Amer Soudani, P.E. is an Officer and Project Executive for Parking Structure Builders Inc. As Project Executive for PSBI, he actively participates and oversees all aspects of each project. His extensive experience with the parking structure design-build process and comprehensive knowledge of construction systems and their application uniquely positions him to direct every job successfully from start to finish.

Mr. Soudani has over 30 years of key value-engineering experience, enabling him to design-build projects that are both cost-effective and utilize environmentally-sound components.

As a parking structure design-build expert, he provides consulting services to a vast network of developer, engineers and architects with the objective of identifying efficiencies within the means and methods of all construction trades in order to save time and money.


PSBI is fueled by the strength of its employees, many of whom possess decades of experience in the building industry.  From professional workmanship and purchasing, to contract administration and sales, the goal remains the same: We work as a team to deliver a final product in a timely manner that exceeds all expectations.

PSBI’s founders have personal hands-on experience building unique and varied parking structures across the country.


has more than 25 years of experience in bringing innovation to parking structure and building shell construction.

We deliver environmentally sound, functional solutions with an emphasis on sustainability and efficient parking management.